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June 10th, 2016
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Detailed Information on Homicide of Child in Jackson Township

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Written by: Lt. David Lash

On 06.08.2016 at 1808 hours the Northern York County Regional Police Department responded to a report of a mother killing a child at 265 Chesapeake Estates in Jackson Township.

Officers arrived on scene to find neighbors subduing a naked female in the street in front of the residence.  Officers took the female into custody with the assistance of the neighbors.  The female was identified as Regina Louise Lester, age 30 of 265 Chesapeake Estates.

Additional Officers located other neighbors performing CPR on a lifeless 3 year old female inside 265 Chesapeake Estates.  Officers began performing CPR on the child and then carried her to the waiting ambulance.  The child was transported to York Hospital.  The toddler, Isabel Rose Godfrey, was pronounced dead at York Hospital at 1900 hours.  She was observed to have bruising on numerous areas of her body, and several deep bite marks on her torso.

Isabel’s six year old brother witnessed a portion of the assault and fled the residence to get help.  He was unharmed and his name is being withheld.

Witnesses reported observing Regina Lester outside of her home.  She was naked and found hugging a tree in the yard.  Lester made the statement “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to do it.  You understand I had to get the darkness out of her.  I’m sorry.”  This statement was made as the witnesses were going into 265 Chesapeake Estates to check on Isabel.  The witnesses found Isabel lying on the floor of the home between the kitchen and living room.

As they were attempting to revive Isabel, witnesses reported that Regina Lester attempted to get into a neighboring home.  She told the neighbor “I’m going to kill your kids!”  The neighbor prevented Lester from getting into the front door.  Lester then began to run into the street and the neighbor tackled her and subdued her until the arrival of Officers.

Regina Lester was transported to York Hospital by EMS.  She was admitted to the hospital for treatment.  An arrest warrant was obtained for Regina Lester charging her with Criminal Homicide, Endangering the Welfare of Children, and Terroristic Threats.  Regina Lester was arraigned on the charges on 06.09.16 at York Hospital by Senior MDJ Richard Martin.

A search warrant was served a 265 Chesapeake Estates.  Officers located opened packages of synthetic marihuana and a smoking pipe on the kitchen table.  These items were found in close proximity to where Isabel had been found lying.

A search warrant was also served on Regina Lester at York Hospital.  Blood samples, fingernail scrapings, and dental impressions were taken from Lester’s person.  The blood samples have been sent to a laboratory for toxicology testing.

An autopsy was performed on Isabel Godfrey at 0800 hours on 06.10.16 at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown.  The results of the autopsy are pending.


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