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November 7th, 2014
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Be Wary of Unknown Visitors to Your Home – Distraction Burglary

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Written by: Lt. David Lash

The Northern York County Regional Police Department is two cases of suspicious persons coming to the doors of two residences in Conewago Township.  Both instances have occurred between October 15 and today.

The first incident occurred in the 5000 block of Bull Road

A resident reported that two times in the past three weeks a white male in his 20’s pulled into her driveway.  The first time the subject exited the vehicle and walked to the side of the home.  As the resident went to confront him, the male got into his vehicle and left.  The second time the male came to her home he came in a blue car.  The male knocked on the door and asked her if a specific named person lives there.  The resident closed the door and the male departed.

The second incident occurred in the first block of Conewago Creek Road

A resident reported that a white colored vehicle pulled into their driveway.  A female got out of the vehicle and asked the residents to show her the property line as she was to be trimming trees for an adjacent property owner.  After the female left the residents spoke to their son who had been inside the home.  The son advised that a male had gotten out of the car and had entered the home.  The son confronted the male and he went back outside.

The only description available is that the male may have been Hispanic.

The NYCRPD urges residents to use caution when dealing with persons who may attempt to lure them or distract them from the residence. In addition caregivers or persons responsible for elder care are urged to discuss this type of incident with relatives and neighbors. Please dial 911 if the crime is in progress and request immediate assistance.

Anyone with information concerning these investigations is requested to contact the Northern York County Regional Police Department at 717.292.3647, through 911, or use the crime tip reporting portion of this website.

Tips for Dealing With Unknown Visitors:

When someone knocks at your door or rings the doorbell

  1. You do not have to speak or open the door.  If you choose to speak to the person do so with the door closed.
  2. Always ask for identification – especially if the subject claims he is working for a contractor or utility company.
  3. Call the company provided to verify identification if necessary.

Additional Measures

  1. Make sure the other doors to your home are locked before answering the door.
  2. Keep purses and valuables out of sight and in a place that is not easily accessible
  3. Keep items that contain personal data out of sight.  This information could be used for identity theft.
  4. Keep house and car keys out of view

When to call the police

  1. If you are suspicious and feel that the person is not legitimate
  2. If someone enters your home without permission or refuses to leave when asked
  3. You realize that items are missing after having an unknown visitor
  4. If you think a crime is being committed.

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