The Northern York County Regional Police would like to extend a friendly reminder that at the schools will soon be in session.  This means that the school buses will be back out on the roadway.  Drivers are reminded that if you encounter a school bus with flashing red lights and the stop arm is extended and flashing you must stop within 10 feet of the school bus.  Drivers may not proceed until the the red lights and stop arm of the school bus have been deactivated.  The police department receives complaints of school bus code violations from school bus drivers, parents of students standing at the bus stop and from other drivers on the roadway.  The violation for not stopping for the red lights on a school bus can be found in the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code Title 75 section 3345 – Meeting or Overtaking School Bus.  If convicted of this violation offenders would receive a $250.00 fine and 60 day license suspension.  Please be aware of school buses and be safe on the roadways.