The holiday season is here.  We wish everyone a happy holiday season and would like to remind you that package theft does occur.  So far this year we have not received many calls of delivered packages being stolen from front porches.  Here are just some reminders on how to avoid being the victim of a package theft and getting the gift of disappointment.

  1. Require a signature on delivery.  A delivery confirmation signature ensures that your packages are handed directly to you.  If you are not home the delivery service leaves a reminder that your packages are in and you can make arrangements to receive your package.
  2. Have your packages delivered to another address other than your home.  This is an option for people who work during the day.  Have your packages delivered to your workplace if your employer permits it.  You can also have your packages delivered to the home of a relative or trusted friend.
  3. Put a hold on package delivery if you are traveling for the holidays.  Prevent an opportunistic criminal from seeing multiple packages stacked up on your front porch.
  4. Provide the delivery company with instructions where you would like your packages placed to prevent them from being seen from the street.
  5. Surveillance cameras are a good option for deterring theft and helping to solve crimes after they occur.  Several companies offer surveillance cameras built into the door bell of your home so when the door bell rings the camera is activated and you receive an alert and video on your cell phone.
  6. Insure your packages.  If you become the victim of a theft you can be reimbursed for your loss.