UPDATE: White Supremacist Fliers in Dover Township











Previously reported:

On 08.19.18 residents from several areas of Dover Township reported finding plastic baggies filled with a small amount of birdseed and literature on joining white supremacist groups.  The baggies were found at the end of driveways and appeared to have be dropped or thrown from a vehicle.  Officers responded to the area and collected approximately 20 baggies from driveways on Englewood Court, Oakley Drive, Hilton Ave, Brookside Drive, Covington Ave, and in the Brownstone Development.


Thanks to tips from our citizens, the Northern York County Regional Police Department has identified the subject behind the distribution of white supremacist fliers in Dover Township.  The subject also admitted responsibility for distributing the fliers in West Manchester Township, York City, and locations in the Red Lion area.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department is currently speaking to those that received the fliers to determine appropriate charges.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department is also seeking additional residents that may have received the fliers.  If you received them and have yet to report it to the police department, please contact our tip line at 717.467.TELL(8355) or email your information to tips@nycrpd.org.