The Northern York County Regional Police arrested Hamza Gamal for multiple thefts from motor vehicles.  Hamza Gamal is an 18 year old resident of Dover Borough.

Hamza Gamal is charged in eight different incidents.  The series of thefts range 03.19.19 until 04.03.19.  The thefts were from unlocked vehicles.  Hamza Gamal was identified via surveillance video.  The thefts took place in Dover Borough, Dover Township and Conewago Township.

The items were stolen from unlocked vehicles.  The value of items taken in the eight thefts is estimated at $1,500.00.  The most significant item stolen and was a Springfield XDS .45 caliber handgun.  The handgun has not been recovered.  It is registered as stolen handgun in the national database (NCIC.)

Hamza Gamal was arrested and is currently in York County Prison.

If you have information on location of the stolen gun please contact the Northern York County Regional Police Department at 717.467.TELL(8355) or at