Vehicle Code Tip of The Day

Electrical Personal Assistive Mobility Devices are becoming more popular on the roadways and sidewalks of our jurisdiction.  These types of vehicles include motorized wheelchairs, Rascals, and Segways.  Although legal to ride on the higways, they must be properly equipped to be operated on a roadway during hours of darkness. 

§ 3581. Equipment.

(a) Exemption.–Electrical personal assistive mobility devices shall be exempted from the vehicle equipment requirements in Chapters 41 (relating to equipment standards), 43 (relating to lighting equipment) and 45 (relating to other required equipment) and department regulations relating to those sections.

(b) Lamps and reflectors.–Every EPAMD when operated on a sidewalk, sidewalk area or highway between sunset and sunrise shall be equipped on the front with a lamp which emits a beam of white light intended to illuminate the EPAMD operator’s path and visible from a distance of at least 500 feet in front, a red reflector facing to the rear which is visible at least 500 feet to the rear and a reflector on each side.