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On 10.25.2015 at 1921 hours the Northern York County Regional Police Department responded to the Dollar General Store located at 4911 Carlisle Road in Dover Township for a report of an armed robbery.

Investigation found that a heavy set Hispanic male entered the store and was meandering through the aisles.  After several other customers left the store, the male approached the register and paid for a small item.  As the clerk was making change, the male produced a pistol and placed it on the counter.  The male then demanded the money from the register.  The male then fled from the store running southbound with an undetermined amount of cash.

The male ran through a yard in the 4800 block of Carlisle Road and was attacked by a large dog.  The dog bit the subject in the arm.  The male then made it to a older model white Dodge Caravan.  The dog owner approached the vehicle and confronted the subject.  The dog owner opened the van door and the subject pointed the handgun at the dog owner.  The dog owner instinctively slapped the gun away from the subject.  The van then sped off travelling northbound on Carlisle Road.


Diesel and his family
Diesel and his family

On 12.15.2015 the Northern York County Regional Police Commission honored Diesel for his actions on the night of this robbery.

Diesel was given a Meritorious Service Award for his actions.  Diesel was also rewarded with a new dog bone and treats provided by White Dog Bone Company and the K9 Granola Factory.

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Meritorious Service Award – Diesel

Chief Bentzel providing Diesel with his rewards
Chief Bentzel providing Diesel with his rewards