Since its inception in September of 1972, the Northern York County Regional Police has undergone many changes.  However, the basic concept of cooperation and consolidation in the delivery of quality police service remains the cornerstone of the department.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department (NYCRPD) is a full service law enforcement agency providing primary round the clock non interrupted police services to eight member municipalities located in York County (PA). The NYCRPD serves a total population in excess of 70,000 citizens and a geographic area of responsibility of 150 square miles.

The jurisdiction of the agency covers a large area of Central and Northern York County with a wide demographic base. The jurisdiction encompasses areas with urban, suburban, industrial, residential, and rural characteristics. Current NYCRPD member municipalities are identified as follows:

Dover Borough
Dover Township
Manchester Township
Paradise Township
Conewago Township
North York Borough
Franklin Township
Jackson Township

The present complement of the Department is 52 sworn officers, including a Chief of Police, two Lieutenants, five Sergeants, five Corporals, and five criminal investigators.  There are 4 full time civilian employees who provide support services for the Department.