Drug Take Back Program

The York County Solid Waste Authority has launched a medication take-back box program with the Northern York County Regional Police Department.  The program provides a secure disposal option for unwanted medications from residential sources at no cost to the public.  NYCRPD is the first police department inYork County to offer a permanent medication take-back box location.  The Authority will provide free destruction of medications at theYork CountyResource Recovery Center, the Authority’s waste-to-energy facility located in Manchester Township. 

The secure medication take-back box, purchased from MedReturn, works like a mailbox: once medications are deposited, they cannot be retrieved and are contained in a locked compartment accessible only by law enforcement.  The green metal box weighs nearly 200 pounds and bolts to the floor and wall.  The NYCRPD has installed the take-back box in their police department lobby at1445 East Canal Roadin Dover.  The public may deposit unwanted medications anonymously in the take-back box Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Medication collected in the take-back box program will be delivered by NYCRPD to the Authority’s waste-to-energy facility for safe destruction.  Law enforcement is also responsible for maintaining the box and securing medications that are received until they can be destroyed.

Residents interested in dropping medication at the take-back box at NYCRPD should remove their personal information from containers before depositing them in boxes.  ONLY RESIDENTIAL prescription or over-the-counter medications are accepted.  Pharmacies, hospitals and other commercial sources of medications are not eligible to participate.  Syringes and other “sharps” are not accepted in this program.

For more information about the program, visit the Authority’s web site at: http://www.ycswa.com/; or click on the link below for additional information. 

NYCRPD / YCSWA Drug Take Back Flyer