Crash Reports

Great news — We’ve gone digital!

As part of our participation in the CARFAX Police Crash Assistance program, all crash reports for Northern York County Regional Police Department are now available for purchase online.  You’ll save a trip to the station, postage, or a phone call when you buy from our new online accident report distribution site.  You can access accident reports right online, 24/7, by visiting:

NYCRPD Crash Reports

Crash reports from 05.01.2012 through present are now available.  Only parties with specific interest in the crash (drivers, vehicle owners, insurance companies) will be able to access the crash report and that party must possess the incident number issued by the NYCRPD.

And, if you’re an institutional user, you can be automatically billed on a monthly basis for the reports you buy.  No need to write individual checks or make multiple card charges every time you need to access a report.  If you prefer, though, you can always pay with a credit card on the spot.

Accident reports for hundreds of police agencies can be downloaded at CRASHDOCS.ORG, so be sure to bookmark the page.

To learn more about CARFAX Police Crash Assistance and CRASHDOCS.ORG, or to set up an account to be billed monthly, please call 1.800.990.2452.