Contact Us / Directions

Contacting the NYCRPD – Emergency  – All emergency contacts should be made by dialing 9-1-1

NYCRPD Headquarters

Address:   1445 East Canal Road

                  Dover, PA  17315-2798

Phone:  717.292.3647 or 717.292.5087

Fax: 717.292.0364

Office Hours

Monday through Thursday  0700 to 1630 hours

Friday 0700 to 1100 hours

NYCRPD Officer David Tome Substation

Address:  6115 Thoman Drive

                 Spring Grove, PA  17362

Phone: 717.225.1333

Fax: 717.225.0635

Substation Office Hours

Monday through Thursday 0700 to 1630 hours

Friday 0700 to 1100 hours

Tip Line – 717.467.TELL(8355)

Contacting the NYCRPD after business hours- Non – Emergency

The NYCRPD dispatch services are provided by a centralized dispatch center operated by the York County Department of Emergency Services.  Please dial 717-854-5571.

Directions To The Northern York County Regional Police