Special Needs / Circumstances Registry

The Northern York County Regional Police Department has established a database for residents with special circumstances that make them unable to communicate or interact with officers. This inability could result from medical issues, disability, cognitive disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and

Occasionally, NYCRPD Officers encounter an individual who is unable to provide us with any or accurate information regarding their identity, home address, or contact information for family members.

The purpose of this database is to;

  • Provide us with the ability to check when we encounter such a person and to assist us in reuniting them with their family
  • Provide us with critical information including emergency contacts, medical conditions, locations of keys, door codes, etc.
  • Allows the responding officer to quickly access this information to better serve our communities.

The database promotes communication and gives police quick access to critical information about a person with autism or special needs in a police emergency by capturing information such as a full description, routine/favorite attractions, communication and other special needs as well as emergency contact information.

If your at risk person is also a known wanderer, you may want to see if our Project Lifesaver Program is right for you. You can review that information at NYCRPD Project Lifesaver

Please complete the form below to add your loved ones information to our database. An officer will then reach out to you to verify your information.

Please provide any information that you feel would be important for first responders to know.
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