The NYCRPD offers a wide array of programs free of charge to the public. These programs are designed to provide an understanding of the NYCRPD police mission and to strengthen relationships between the NYCRPD and our community partners.

Station Tours: Tours of the police station facility are provided to numerous scouting groups, school groups and other organizations. The NYCRPD welcomes the public to visit our facility to see the building and tools we use to make your community safer.

Officer Dorothy: This is a very popular program among the young and young at heart. This program consists of a visit by the only NYCRPD robotic agency member, named after Dorothy Kling, a benefactor to the agency. This program is designed to share safety information, officer awareness and the story of our benefactor with the public.

Bicycle Safety:   Each year, bicyclists become victims of accidents with motor vehicles.  To combat this problem, our department started bicycle safety programs to help teach younger riders the rules of the road and laws pertaining to bicycles.  The class explains defensive riding techniques and explains how to avoid being put into hazardous situations.

Workplace Violence and Identity Theft Seminars:    These programs were added to our community policing initiative due to public requests.  On a regular basis, our community policing officer travels to local businesses and forums and gives informative seminars pertaining to violence in the workplace and the growing problem of identity theft.  The seminars discuss how to protect yourself and not become a victim of either crime.

“25 and Alive”:    A relatively new program added to our community policing effort is the “25 and Alive” program.  The program is designed to teach defensive driving techniques to younger drivers ages 16 thru 25.

Kid Kard Program:     In conjunction with local PTA and other school groups, our Community Policing Officer travels to area elementary schools and gives talks to mainly second graders about safety.  During these seminars, the children are fingerprinted on a special card which is then sent home with the child for future identification purposes.

Mature Driver Education:    Since 2002, Officers have been holding instructional seminars throughout the area explaining techniques that can be used by our aging community to help with defensive driving.  These officers have been certified through the National Safety Council in the instruction of these classes and participants that complete the class satisfactorily can be eligible for up to a 5% discount on their insurance premiums.

Child Restraint Checks:    One of our civilian staff, Lisa Maughlin, is a certified state instructor who assists the community with questions pertaining to the installation and techniques used to restrain children in a motor vehicle.  Members of the community can bring any type of child restraint device to our headquarters during normal business hours, and Lisa will check the device for functionality and explain the techniques used to properly restrain the child in the device.  This service has been provided to the community for five years, and during that period, our department has checked numerous car seats to assist the public.  Appointments for this service are necessary.  Please contact our office to set up a time.

SIDNE: A custom-built electric cart that allows drivers and passengers to experience what can happen when they operate a vehicle under the influence alcohol or marijuana as well as the ramifications of driving while drowsy or distracted.

Citizens are urged to participate in programs offered by the agency or suggest a program which may not be currently offered that may offer a benefit to the community