Neighbors by Ring

  • The Northern York County Regional Police Department is excited to be a part of Neighbors, a free app which aims to reduce crime in neighborhoods
  • Our residents can download the Neighbors app on iOS or Android, join their neighborhood, and use the app to: monitor neighborhood activity; share crime and safety-related videos, photos and text-based posts; and receive regional safety alerts from local law enforcement – all in real time.
  • Thanks to Neighbors, the NYCRPD is able to:
    • Send alerts to Neighbors of crime and safety incidents in the area in real-time
    • Request information about local crime and safety situations from Neighbors who opt-in to sharing for a particular request.
    • Work together with the local community to build trust and make neighborhoods safer.
  • The NYCRPD would encourage community members to download the free Neighbors App so they can keep up with real-time crime and safety updates.
    • The app is free to download, free to use for both residents and law enforcement
  • Neighbors and the NYCRPD are working together to foster trust between law enforcement and communities, and create safer neighborhoods
  • If our residents see a crime occur, they should immediately call 911 to report the incident
  • All tips we receive via Neighbors are anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.
  • How the app works:
    • Northern York County Regional Police Department will share relevant and important crime information with residents in real-time through Ring Neighbors to keep residents informed about local crime and safety updates.
    • You can join the conversation, monitor for updates, and watch shared videos.
    • If you notice or experience a crime or safety-related incident, immediately share the information with your neighborhood and local law enforcement via the Neighbors app.
    • Communicate with your Neighbors to help make our community safer.