The NYCRPD is organized into three divisions. These are based upon the functions of each division and are identified as follows:

Administrative – This division is staffed by the Chief of Police and Administrative Lieutenant, both sworn staff positions and a civilian Administrative Assistant. This division is responsible for all executive, budget, and financial functions of the agency. The NYCRPD is unique as far as the administration of police agency functions in the Commonwealth, in that the NYCRPD is self contained for all purchase, payroll, and fiscal administration of the agency. There are no fiscal responsibilities delegated to providers outside of the agency.

Field Services – This is the largest division in the agency and is under the command of the Operations Lieutenant. This is what is commonly referred to as the Patrol Division, a uniformed division of the agency which is responsible for all delivery of police services. The uniformed members of the patrol division are under the command of 3 Sergeants and 6 Corporals who provide round the clock seamless supervisory responsibilities for the department. This division also includes the Criminal Investigation Division, which consists of four non-uniformed sworn staff members under command of a Detective Sergeant.

Support Services – This division is staffed by four civilian members and one sworn member of the agency. The primary responsibility of the division members is the management of data, entry of data, and administration of the records management system. In addition, this unit has responsibilities for the court liaison function and duties related to agency compliance with the right to know laws.