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The Northern York County Regional Police Department is proud to announce the impending delivery of WRAP Reality VR training simulator. NYCRPD will take delivery of the system on Thursday April 22, 2021. During the delivery process, NYCRPD Officers will be trained in setup and operation of the device.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department would like to recognize the following community partners that made this project financially possible:

  • Sentinel Connector Systems Inc
  • H & H General Contracting
  • Conewago Enterprises
  • Inch & Co
  • P.H. Glatfelter Company
  • Powder Mill Foundation
  • Arthur J. Glatfelter Foundation
  • J. William Warehime Foundation
  • AquaPhoenix Scientific
  • John Shepard

There is still sponsorship availability for this project. Interested parties should contact Chief David Lash at 717.292.0542 for more information.

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Below is the news release from WRAP.

WRAP Announces Milestone First Subscription Agreement for Virtual Reality Training

Pennsylvania’s Northern York County Regional Police Signs Five-Year Subscription to WRAP Reality

TEMPE, Arizona, April 1, 2021 — Wrap Technologies, Inc. (the “Company” or “WRAP”) (Nasdaq: WRAP), a global leader in innovative public safety technologies and services, announced its first five-year pre-paid subscription sale, with a renewal option after 5 years, to WRAP Reality’s Virtual Reality training simulator to Northern York County Regional Police Department (NYCRPD) in Pennsylvania.

WRAP Reality is a simulation-based training platform for law enforcement officers. Its virtual reality police training brings real-world situations into the virtual space, transporting a trainee to a back alley, a living room, or a car stop. This allows law enforcement agencies the ability to replicate real-world scenarios in a fully-immersive, 360-degree simulated environment. The goal of implementing this type of program is to help officers better prepare for daily interactions with their community.

“The Northern York County Regional Police Department is excited to integrate WRAP Reality VR into our training regimen,” said NYCRPD Chief David Lash. “The 360-degree immersive experience of WRAP Reality is far superior to the projection screen-based simulator we previously utilized. Because we have many young police officers in our department, the ability to move and take cover, look under or over objects, and face threats from all directions allows us to put our officers into stressful situations under controlled conditions. The system’s portability and easy setup will allow us to use it as a community engagement tool and for our Police Explorers program. In addition to training our current police officers, we plan to implement the system during our hiring process as an additional way to evaluate our candidates’ abilities.

“Through the WRAP Reality subscription model, we are now able to introduce new and challenging scenarios to our officers while also controlling our costs. In evaluating competing systems, we found that the cost of a five-year subscription agreement was far less than the upfront costs associated with other screen-based simulators. Factoring in the ongoing sustainability costs of these other products, WRAP’s subscription model provides us better training at a fraction of the cost. When WRAP Reality was introduced to our community partners and foundations, they were so impressed with the capabilities of the system and our plans for its use that they provided us with the funding for a five-year subscription,” added Chief Lash.

Additionally, NYCRPD recently announced the completion of a successful pilot program of the BolaWrap and has decided to move forward with outfitting all its patrol officers with BolaWrap devices.

“Our goal is to provide a de-escalation platform for first responders through the combination of the BolaWrap remote restraint devices and WRAP Reality’s virtual training,” said Tom Smith, CEO and President of WRAP. “We are excited to support NYCRPD as the first agency to purchase WRAP Reality’s subscription offering along with the BolaWrap devices, which provide solutions for law enforcement to provide better training and tools to help create safer outcomes.”