Water Rescue in Manchester Township

On 01.08.21 at 7:16 AM the Northern York County Regional Police Department investigated a report of two men stranded in the Codorus Creek.  The location was on Blackbridge Rd. north of Arsenal Rd. in Manchester Township.

A bicyclist in the area heard the men yelling for help which caused him to call 911

It was discovered that the two men who were stranded in the creek were duck hunting.  They had shot a duck that landed in the creek.  They waded into the creek and their hip waders filled with water.  When the men could no longer move they called out for help.

York Area United Fire and Recue responded to the scene along with Life Team Ambulance.  A ladder was lowered over the embankment to the hunters.  The gentlemen were pulled up over the embankment as they held on to the ladder.

Both hunters were York County residents.  The gentleman were both over the age of 70.  Life Team Ambulance transported both hunters to York Hospital for evaluation after the exposure to the elements.