On 11.02.22 the Northern York County Regional Police Department posted that we were attempting to identify a porch pirate. The suspect has been located and spoke to the police. The suspect truly made a mistake and went to the wrong house.

The suspect had made arrangements to buy a used tablet for $20.00 from someone on Foxtail Dr. All parties involved were advised. No charges will be brought forth as a result of this incident.


On 11.01.22 at 1:02 PM a homeowner caught a thief stealing a package off of his front porch. The theft occurred in the 600 block of Foxtail Dr. – Manchester Township. 

The thief placed money under the victim’s door mat before stealing the package. The homeowner confronted the thief who returned the package to the porch. Prior to leaving the scene the suspect retrieved the money (claimed to be a twenty-dollar bill) that he left under the homeowner’s door mat. 

The suspect left the area in a black Chrysler sedan. The sedan has been identified and is not owned by the suspect. 

If you can identify the suspect, you are asked to contact the Northern York County Regional Police Department at 717.467.8355 (TELL) or tips@nycrpd.org.