Gyro-copter Crash at York Airport

On 07.30.20 at 0642 hrs. a gyro-copter crashed on the runway at the York Airport in Jackson Township.

The gyro-copter was a single person unit.  It was being flown by a 58 year old man who is a resident of Abbottstown, PA.  The operator is a licensed pilot.

He was to be practicing takeoffs when the gyro-copter crashed.  He was to be approximately six inches off the ground and was returning to the runway when for unknown reasons the aircraft unexpectedly tilted.

A blade on the propeller made contact with the ground.  This contact caused the gyro-copter to roll and come to rest in a field off of the runway.

The pilot was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The FAA was notified of an experimental aircraft crash.