On 05.24.21 at 8:45 PM the Northern York County Regional Police Department responded to a shots fired call in North York Borough.  The shots were fired on N. Duke St. between E. 4th Ave. and E. 5th Ave.  

It is unknown who or what was the intended target.  No person or property was found on scene that was struck from the gunfire.  Seven 9mm spent shell casings were found at the scene. 

Witnesses described the shooter as a younger thin black male.  He was to be in the front passenger seat of a silver Honda Civic.  The driver and backseat passenger of the Honda were also described to the police as young black males.  The silver Honda was reported to be displaying a Pennsylvania registration plate with the first three letters LMB.

At 8:54 PM the police received a report of three black males running through back yards in the 1100 block of N. Duke St.  The police responded but did not locate the actors running through the yards. 

The police did locate a silver 2005 Honda Civic in a parking lot in the 100 block of E. 8th Ave.  The vehicle displayed Pennsylvania registration LMB 7260.  It was unoccupied.  The vehicle was identified as the suspect vehicle via surveillance video.  The vehicle was seized and will be searched when a search warrant is obtained. The suspect vehicle is pictured below. 

If you have any information regarding this incident you are asked to contact the Northern York County Regional Police Department at 717.467.TELL (8355) or at tips@nycrpd.org