On 05.19.21 the Northern York Regional Police Department handled an incident where a 12 year old male student ran out of the Lincoln Intermediate Unit.  The Lincoln Intermediate Unit is located at 300 E. 7th Ave. in North York Borough.  The 12 year old was upset over his lunch.

The student ran to the corner of N. Queen St. and E. 6th Ave. which is still on the campus of the school.  At the corner he climbed a tree.  When school staff attempted to talk to him he climbed the tree even higher.  The student reached a height of 25 to 30 feet in the air.  He could not safely return to the ground on his own.

The York City Fire Department responded to the scene.  The fire department responded with a ladder truck with an aerial platform.  A firefighter and a school official were raised up on the gated aerial platform and safely retrieved the youth from the tree.  Once on the ground the student was met by his parents who were summoned to the scene.