On 10.03.21 at approximately 10:00 PM the Northern York County Regional Police investigated a scam at a local business in Dover Borough.   The victim of the scam was business located in the 100 block of S. Main St. Dover, PA.

On 10.03.21 an employee answered the business’ phone.  The caller ID showed that the caller was the Northern York County Regional Police Department and gave the office phone number of 717.292.3647.  The employee, age 17, answered the phone and reported that she spoke to an older male with what she described as a southern accent.

The unknown male on the phone advised that he was a police officer and was currently talking to the owner of the business about suspected counterfeit money received at the business.  The male impersonating a police officer directed the young employee to take all of the money from the cash register.  The employee was to purchase Green Dot cards in increments of $500.00 and read off the serial numbers from the cards to assist in a counterfeit money investigation.

The employee believing she was assisting in a police investigation did in fact purchase Green Dot cards and supply the police impersonator with the serial numbers.  The crime remains under investigation.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department does not investigate crimes where we have the victim purchase any style of pre-paid banking card.  If you are in doubt that you are speaking on the phone with a Northern York County Regional Police Officer ask them there name and badge number.  You can then verify their identity by asking them to respond in person to your location.  You can also ask for the patrol supervisor to respond to your location to verify the identity of an officer if the officer is unable to respond to your location.

If you have any information regarding this scam you are asked to contact the Northern York County Regional Police Department at 717.467.TELL (8355) or tips@nycrpd.org