On 05.10.23 at or about 0900 hours the Northern York County Regional Police Department began investigating a domestic incident in the 5100 block of Harmony Grove Road in Dover Township. The victim reported that Gregory Lehman age 39, was intoxicated and belligerent and that she had left the home with two young children.

The victim returned to the home with another family member to obtain personal belongings for her and her children, During this time Lehman began threatening the victim. Lehman was armed with an handgun and discharged the gun in the garage of the home. The victim and family member then left the home.

After leaving the home the victim reported that she received over 50 threatening messages indicating that Lehman was going do harm to her and her children. Lehman had access to additional weapons, body armor, and the ability to carry out his threats. Officers sent the female to the Judicial Center to obtain a PFA. Investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Gregory Lehman and a search warrant for his home. Lehman continued to send threatening messages to the victim and indicated that he would shoot at responding officers.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department requested assistance from the York County Quick Response Team. The QRT responded and were able to take Lehman into custody without incident at 1511 hours.

Harmony Grove Road was closed between SR 74 and School House Road from 2:45 until 3:15pm. In cooperation with Dover Area School District, the bus for the area was held at the school until the incident cleared.

Lehman was transported to Central Booking for arraignment on the following charges.

  • Terroristic Threats
  • Harassment

There is no booking photo currently available for Lehman.