NYCRPD to Test and Evaluate BolaWrap Remote Restraint Device

The Northern York County Regional Police Department will begin a testing and evaluation period of the BolaWrap remote restraint device.

The BolaWrap remote restraint device does not rely on pain compliance, as a result the device is designed to restrict the movement of a subject’s legs or arms, and is not intended to inflict pain in order to achieve compliance.

Five NYCRPD Corporals and Sergeants were trained today by representatives of BolaWrap. These supervisors will then train the remainder of NYCRPD Officers on the proper deployment and use of the device.

At the conclusion of the training today, the NYCRPD held a demonstration for local elected officials and the media.

The devices will begin being carried by patrol officers as soon as they are trained. The training and evaluation period will last for approximately 90 days.

For more information on the BolaWrap device, please visit

Below are some photos from today’s training and demo.

Representative Keith Gillespie receiving BolaWrap instructions
Congressman Scott Perry and Representative Keith Gillespie reviewing a successful application
Representative Seth Grove’s legs after volunteering for BolaWrap application
Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill using the BolaWrap
Representative Seth Grove deploys the BolaWrap